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The durian party culture

No one ever thought that the duria would be served at a party. It is a fruit that is highly grown in Thailand, Malaysia, and china. The popularity of the fruit has increased to the international level. Yes, it was famous back in the 80s too, that where it started to be identified as a fruit or an edible item. But durian shop singapore today is the only country that enjoys it as a beverage.


The variety that has been offered in durian food culture can nowhere be found. The fruit has a different recipe in every region, also it is possible that you won’t be able to cook that duria because of its unavailability in your region. But no worries that problem can easily be solved.

Buying Duria

If you’re looking for mao shan wang, and it’s not available in your area then you don’t have to worry about it. as the duria 36 makes all nine durians available on your doorstep. You no longer have to bargain in your local market for it.

Also, the durians are no longer eaten as just a housewarming party snack. It is enjoyed in every possible place and every possible party.

The duria 36 not only makes them available at your place but also they’ll help you to organize a party too. They have a wide variety of services from a buffet system to regular house parties. Regardless, of the popularity, the durian parties from duria 36 are very much affordable.