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Floating Plants: Create A Water Garden With Excellent Aesthetic Features

Floating plants are a category of water plants that float on the water’s surface. They are different from other aquatic plants in terms of where they grow. A majority of aquatic plants grow on the bottom of water bodies. However, floating type of water plants grows on the water’s surface with their roots hanging to a certain depth from the surface. Unlike other aquatic plants rooted in the soil at the bottom of aquatic environments, these plants float on the surface with their parts like leaves, flowers, and so on, free to float around on the surface. The roots of such plants have a structure resembling the shape of human hair.

Types Of Floating Aquatic Plants

There are different types of floating plants found in nature. Some have a difference in the structure of their roots, flowers, and leaves, while some are even rootless. However, there is a similarity between all these types of aquatic plants. The similarity is that all these plants have slight waves in water bodies. The different types of floating aquatic plants can be combined to create an aesthetic floating garden. This garden type is prevalent in commercial and personal properties in modern ornamental farming. Some features of floating aquatic plants are mentioned below:

  • These plants effectively add beautiful covering to water gardens.
  • They also act as a filtration unit for the water bodies in which they are planted.
  • Using such plants at any location increases the aesthetic value of the particular place exponentially.