emf dangers

The influence of electromagnetic fields on human health

It is very important to know how the electromagnetic field affects everyone and one should know the ways to protect against their harmful effects. Nature gave humanity clean, transparent air, water bodies and natural electromagnetic background, emitted both by the planet and the surrounding space, and by the animal and plant world. However, with the development of civilization, the natural geomagnetic background has been intensified by man-made impact. Man, with the help of radio engineering and radio-electronic devices, has created an invisible electromagnetic web in which we all find ourselves.

Powerful high and extra-high voltage power lines, numerous radio and television transmitting stations, satellite communication space stations cause emf dangers pollution of the human environment. Exposure to EMF occurs at home, at work, and even during outdoor recreation. Electrical appliances designed to make our life easier, the walls of houses and apartments, riddled with electrical wires.

Biological effect of EMF: the data of both domestic and foreign researchers testify to the high biological activity of EMF in all frequency ranges. High-frequency electromagnetic fields lead to heating of body tissues.

The biological effect of EMF accumulates under conditions of long-term exposure, as a result of which the development of long-term consequences of degenerative processes in the central nervous system, neoplasms, and hormonal diseases is possible. People can no longer refuse power plants, railways, planes, cars, and other achievements of civilization, even when it comes to their own health. The task is to minimize harmful man-made impacts on the environment and to acquaint society with a specific environmental hazard and develop a protection mechanism.